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Our Fees and Guarantees
Fees for Retained Executive Search, Managed Recruitment and Interim Management Services vary based on position, requirements, discipline and/or industry.

Due to our significantly lower operating costs, our rates are very competitive with the large multi-national search firms that we compete with for senior and executive positions; and with the boutique search firms operating in our sector. Search assignment fees are based on a percentage of the successful candidate's first year compensation and discount significantly on volume.

At Martin Kingston & Associates, we do not simply strive to ensure that our clients are satisfied, we guarantee it. We pride ourselves on meeting, if not exceeding our client's expectations. We back that up with the promise that if for any justifiable reasons, the successful candidates should resign or be terminated within the normal probationary period, a new search will be conducted with no applicable professional fees; we will charge for out-of-pocket expenses only.

Fees for Stealth Hiring ™, Talent Scout Service and Business Mentoring Services are project based or flat fee in nature, and are based on the number of hours we estimate it will take to execute your assignment. Project or Flat Fee pricing allow us to unbundle our services tailoring them to your specific needs. Additionally, with longer-term engagements we realize improved efficiencies and can deliver our clients significant savings.

Fees for Merger & Acquisition Services are mainly success related based upon a percentage of the deal size which reflects the size and complexity of the transaction. A smaller component is paid in the early stages of a transaction in the form of commitment fees, fixed fees and/or retainers. When acting on acquisition searches, the fixed fees are related to milestones in the process. When bringing acquisition opportunities to potential purchasers, the commitment fee reflects the work undertaken to date and the opportunity cost of committing to work for one client.