Retained Executive Search
Managed Recruitment
Stealth Hiring ™
Talent Scout Service
Interim Management Services
Talent Recruitment
Martin Kingston & Associates will design a tailor made Search Plan to meet the specific requirements of your business. Choose between one of the following services or call us to develop a Talent Recruitment plan developed to your needs and pre-requisites.
  • Retained Executive Search
    Our Retained Executive Search Service combines the best professional research and assessment techniques to ensure your organization benefits from our unique management expertise providing comprehensive, timely searches for the best quality candidates.

  • Managed Recruitment
    For clients with a defined human resources strategy and several staffing mandates, our Managed Recruitment Service is a cost effective and efficient way to utilize our services.

  • Stealth Hiring ™
    Deep under cover, strictly confidential (client not identified) market reconnaissance, flying below the radar to covertly identify, contact and ultimately recruit the crème de la crème.

  • Talent Scout Service
    Analogous to a sports team which sends out professional scouts to identify and acquire the best current and emerging talent, Martin Kingston & Associates can be engaged as a Talent Scout for your organization, seeking, attracting, and acquiring the best talent working today.

  • Interim Management Services
    Our Interim Management Services provide your organization with highly trained and experienced managers and executives to fill short-term absence related needs, special projects, business development pitches, training and mentoring.