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Stealth Hiring ™
Deep under cover, strictly confidential (client not identified) market reconnaissance, flying below the radar to covertly identify, contact and ultimately recruit the crème de la crème.

For clients requiring a highly secretive reconnaissance of the marketplace where their corporate identity cannot be revealed for external and internal confidential reasons. This service is ideally suited for senior level recruitment exercises but also widely used in pinpointing key specialty hires at all levels of the organization.

Martin Kingston & Associates will provide the following outcomes:

Level "A" - Long List Stage
  1. A thorough in depth analysis of key potential candidates in the market.
  2. Directly contact the candidates assessing their interest in pursuing an "unidentified" but significant career move.
  3. A long-list of candidates interested in "learning more" and where possible a detailed assessment of their backgrounds, relative experience and compensation requirements.
Level "B" - Short List Stage
  1. Development of a short-list of potential candidates including a comprehensive discussion with the client of research findings and assistance in prioritizing the field.
  2. Under the strictest of confidentiality, private communication of the client's identity and details of the role, and an assessment of the candidate's interest in pursuing the opportunity.
  3. An in depth personal interview of candidates with Martin Kingston to further discuss the role and an opportunity to assess the candidate's "fit".
  4. Arrangement of Client interviews with candidates.
Level "C" - Hiring Stage
  1. Reference Verification.
  2. Negotiation and presentation of Employment Offer.