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Interim Management Services
Our Interim Management Services provide your organization with highly trained and experienced managers and executives to fill short-term absence related needs, special projects, business development pitches, training and mentoring. An excellent way to bolster your team's ranks or fill a specific skill set for only a short period of time, our "interim" candidates are an expert solution at a distinct cost advantage versus standard fees.

Martin Kingston & Associates, on an ongoing basis, identifies and has recruited a large pool of exceptional professionals, managers, practioners and executives who are prepared to work on a project or interim basis for organizations who can best benefit from their past experience and talent.

Your organization can take advantage of senior level experts, the best business minds and top level industry professionals without the commitment of a long-term employment contract, costly benefits or financial obligations. This is a win-win solution for your company and the individuals involved.

Interim Managers can be hired individually or in teams and are ideally suited for:
  • Planning, managing and executing strategic initiatives
  • Supplementing your management team with people with specialized planning and management skills in marketing, sales, finance, operations and human resources
  • Re-engineering business practices and processes
  • Building new business units or lines of business
  • Business development planning, sourcing and pitching
  • Divestiture of assets
  • Optimizing value creation, return on capital and talent potential
Additional benefits to your organization include immediate implementation, minimal obligation, objective input, interim managers leave when project is completed and potential for full cost recovery.