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Managed Recruitment
For clients with a defined human resources strategy and several staffing mandates, our Managed Recruitment Service is a cost effective and efficient way to utilize our services.

Typically, our Managed Recruitment Service is available to those clients partnering with us on long-term engagements and whose search requirements generate adequate search volume realizing improved efficiencies and the delivery of significant savings versus a traditional fee structure.

These searches recognize we could be engaged to search for several candidates for the same or similar roles. While we employ traditional search techniques to identify and assess these individuals, we are able to fully utilize our candidate data base on a client's behalf, simplifying the process and ensuring we find the best people in the shortest possible time.

Our Managed Recruitment Service may also be of interest to clients whose management team or HR managers require unbundled services by engaging us on the specific areas where we add the most value to their organization. Unbundled services include:

     a) Recruitment Strategy
  • Review, assess and make recommendations on current staffing process and requirements
  • Develop specific recruiting strategies for identified requirements
  • Seek opportunities to realize recruitment efficiencies
     b) Recruitment Process Development

     c) Execution
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Screening and assessment of client sourced candidates
  • Interview and Assessment
  • Objective 3rd party counsel, mediation and negotiation
  • Referencing and verification