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Retained Executive Search
Our Retained Executive Search Service combines the best professional research and assessment techniques to ensure your organization benefits from our unique management expertise providing comprehensive, timely searches for the best quality candidates. These are engagements to fill specific, well-defined roles, identifying and recruiting the market’s choice managers and executives whose enthusiasm, drive, ability and judgment can make a huge impact on your organization’s culture and success.

Retained Executive Search goes beyond just advertising for your position. Instead, we pro-actively recruit the very best candidates through direct contact with them. Often these targeted and high caliber candidates are happy in their present roles and are rarely actively looking for their next position.

Benefits of Retained Executive Search
  • Strictest confidentiality, both externally and internally.
  • Interview all stakeholders and objectively understand your organization and culture.
  • Represent your interests accurately and fairly.
  • Collaborate with you at all stages of the process.
  • Develop and execute a tailored, focused search strategy.
  • Market and promote your organizations attributes and career opportunities.
  • Identification and screening of the best candidates within the industry or discipline.
  • Professional interviewing and assessment techniques ensure finalist candidates are the closest possible fit with your organization.
  • Facilitation of the selection process, debriefing both clients and candidates.
  • Professional reference checking.
  • Facilitate the negotiation process to bring the final Letter of Employment to a successful hiring conclusion.
  • Performance guarantees protecting your investment in recruitment and selection services.
  • Post-hiring follow up to ensure successful candidate indoctrination and transition.