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Merger & Acquisition Services
Martin Kingston & Associates is proud to offer its clients expertise in the area of Mergers & Acquisitions, providing independent advisory services to a broad range of sellers and buyers with most recent experience representing Marketing Services, Design, Sales Promotion, New Media and Advertising Services companies.

Martin Kingston & Associates has represented buyers and sellers, including major holding companies, and highly regarded independents.

Our industry knowledge and strong transactional skills provide the best results for both buyers and sellers. Our experience as operating executives and entrepreneurs provide our clients with unique insights into both the strategic and operating issues that surface during mergers, acquisitions and disposals.

Since 1980, Martin Kingston has provided strategic advisory services to the advertising and marketing services industries. He has been involved in transactions on both sides of the negotiation table as both a buyer and a seller. His experience working with some of the world's leading marketing and advertising conglomerates has provided Martin with invaluable insights and experience, which he now offers to the benefit of his clients.

Our aim is to provide our M & A clients with a high degree of strategic insight, knowledge and wisdom. Our insights are a result of a combination of our excellent contacts, industry knowledge, research and inspiration. Our goal is to turn these insights into a successful transaction for a sale, acquisition, merger or equity deal.

Our Approach to Mergers & Acquisitions

First and foremost, whether for an acquisition or a disposal we set out to understand the business thoroughly, identifying its strengths and its weaknesses, its stance in the market and its performance. From this knowledge base we can formulate a strategy and create the "vision" essential to underpinning any transaction.

At an early stage we agree to a brief for the assignment. This covers an outline of the current position of the business, the tasks to be performed, timing, modus operandi, the people involved on our side and the fee basis. Once started, we work closely with our client on all phases of the process and keep them fully informed of our progress.

Market Knowledge

Our experience is invaluable to this process. We have worked in and with marketing companies, advertising agencies and communication companies. Our operational roles have been in general management, business development, marketing and operations.

We undertake regular discussions with a large number of buyers to understand their acquisition criteria.

Our buyers include Private, Public and International companies as well as Private Equity firms.

We keep abreast of current trends and factors influencing business sales.

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