Our Role As Intermediaries
Sales of Privately-Held Companies
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Our Role as Intermediaries
Martin Kingston & Associates role as intermediaries can be summarized in six attributes: initiative, tact, imagination, tenacity, trust and discretion. Initiative and tact keep the deal on the rails, imagination and tenacity overcome the inevitable obstacles, and trust and discretion maintain confidence and confidentiality throughout the process. The goal is a deal beneficial to both parties and the best possible terms for our client. If it isn't, it won't happen.

Maximizing business values can result when the opportunity arises to deal with several potential purchasers, rather than being forced into negotiations with only one.

Identification of a buyer with the most synergies can lead to the highest price.

Personality conflicts arising from an emotionally charged environment of negotiating price and terms of contract can result in a lost sale.

When required, we can call on our broad network of professional contacts and associates with particular skills or specific sector knowledge, including accountants, lawyers, private equity specialists and tax specialists.

The ability to properly answer the buyer's questions and serious objections can be a major factor in helping them reach a favourable decision.

On any assignment we act for only one side of the transaction.


We are also very mindful of the necessity to take all steps to protect the confidentiality of the transaction as far as possible. We employ rigorous techniques to qualify potential purchasers and ensure only serious acquirers have access to sensitive or confidential information. This procedure works for the equal benefit of both the Seller and the ultimate purchaser.

Approved Buyer candidates must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Various levels of maintaining control over confidential or sensitive information can be achieved by processes including, where practical, the following:

  • Target list is discussed with Seller and approved before we contact anyone.
  • We approach targets to determine level of interest (no-names basis).
  • Summary overview for interested targets is designed to conceal identity of business.
  • Confidentiality Agreements entered into with the approval of the Seller.
  • Summary Information Memorandum presented to approved targets.
  • Supplementary Information Memorandum presented once genuine acquisition interest has been established.