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Our Values
Martin Kingston & Associates was established on the premise that our business could provide a higher level of service, commitment and a valued relationship where we're partners, not, providers.

In today's marketplace, we believe that our values and ethics provide us with a strategic advantage versus many of our competitors. We are very proud to conduct ourselves based on the following fundamental pillars:

Maintaining the Highest level of Integrity, Honesty and Discretion
  • Treat the client's plans and information as confidential.
  • Treat all candidates with respect, professionalism and confidentially.
  • Represent each client fully and fairly to potential candidates.
  • Represent a candidate's skills and attributes fully and fairly.
  • Never recruit from a client company.
Commitment to Exceptional Service
  • We focus on delivering and taking responsibility for superior results by ensuring that candidates fit the needs of our clients.
  • We always strive to exceed our clients' and candidates' expectations.
  • Never promise more than we can deliver.
  • Hard work and exceptional performance is an expectation of each other and is the basis of our commercial success.
Knowledge and Experience
  • We believe that knowledge and intelligence are needed to guide the transformation of organizations into work systems that support all members in reaching their full potential.
  • We believe that experience and wisdom can guide effective decisions on how we invest our attention, both individual and organizational.