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Candidate Assessment & Matching
Our candidate assessment begins with the gathering of key information including their education, current and previous work experience, personal attributes and reputation. The assessment continues during our first telephone conversation. Communication skills, enthusiasm, energy, clarity are noted as well as an understanding of what they are ideally looking for at this time.

Our “getting to know” the candidate continues with a personal interview at which time a deeper understanding of what makes them tick occurs. Deeper probing helps to ascertain candidate strengths and weaknesses. Visual evidence such as dress, poise, eye contact, body language and gestures are also noted. Levels of enthusiasm, listening skills and ease of interaction with the interviewer are evaluated. These in-person interviews probe in a variety of areas including:
  1. Functional or transferable skills such as organizing, managing, developing and communication

  2. Adaptive or self-management skills including personal characteristics such as being dependable, team-orientated, self directed and punctual.
In addition to our standard assessment techniques, we also utilize formal Testing and Assessment tools and have access to an Industrial Psychologist.

In addition to thorough interviewing and assessment of candidates, we utilize additional matching and fit dimensions to a successful placement of candidates with our clients including:
  1. Understanding the client's environment and the key factors to career success

  2. Clearly establishing the candidates' short and medium term goals can be met and exceeded in the clients environment, culture and business outlook

  3. Encouraging the candidate to perform their due diligence to verify that our perspective of our client's culture is consistent with his or her own objectives