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Candidate Identification
Every year we meet with, interview and assess hundreds of people and potential candidates. We have the objectivity to tell you who are good, who's not and why.

We identify qualifying candidates from two key talent pools:

Our Proprietary Candidate Database Pool
  1. Candidates who contact us directly through their own initiative; all seeking a trusted consultant and sound career advice. They are actively looking for a brand new job or, are most often the case, are qualified but "not necessarily looking at this time".

  2. Candidates who are referred to us from the numerous contacts we have established over the years or as a result of a recommendation from someone in our vast network.
The Researched Candidate Pool

The majority of our candidates are directly sourced by our own in-depth research, investigative techniques or key industry sources. Prospects are identified from:
  1. Companies competing directly with our client's business or companies whose operations/structure parallel our client's industry and hence employ people with similar desired attributes and skills.

  2. Recommendations and referrals from our large network of contacts and business experts. There is no better source than a highly respected industry practitioner.