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Business Development Strategies
Martin Kingston & Associates can help you adapt to changing markets. If your market is shifting, you need to know how and why. If your market is evaporating, you need to develop new business to replace it. Or, perhaps your existing business is progressing just fine, but you see an opportunity to expand into new areas without knowing exactly how to get there from here. Or, possibly you don't have the resources.

The art of business development is a specific process designed to identify, analyze, and evaluate new business opportunities with the goal of determining whether or not a profitable market exists for your company.

Is there significant market demand for your product or service? If so, can you deliver it profitably? Can you provide this product or service on your own? Or, do you need to access this market through a strategic partnership with other companies? If this is a viable market opportunity, what is your plan for moving forward? What is your entry strategy? What is your exit strategy?

Martin Kingston & Associates assesses new business opportunities from the standpoints of market potential, customer needs, the company's existing capabilities, competitors, strategic alliances, and potential business models.

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