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Critical to an organization's success is how well its key people adapt to change. Organizations invest in Martin Kingston & Associates' coaching services to ensure that people make the most of the opportunities and their performance achieves the maximum impact. The objectives of the program are to help individuals: (1) better understand the way they are perceived by others, (2) refine their leadership and interpersonal skills, and (3) enhance their career development.

Individuals who benefit most from our coaching process are:
  • High-flyers for whom there are high expectations and who quickly take on increased levels of responsibility.
  • Managers who are taking on a significant new project, challenge, responsibility or role.
  • Individuals who are having difficulty managing their role, people or both.
  • Individuals who have taken a completely different career direction.
  • Individuals moving into their first people-management role.
Outcomes include self-awareness, enhanced leadership and management skills and a more effective personal style. Individuals 'learn how to learn' to ensure that their development continues long after coaching has finished.

The objectives of the Coaching program are accomplished through the following activities:
  • An in-depth interview is conducted, covering the participant's history, career aspirations, accomplishments, career interests and self-assessment.
  • Several interviews of associates focusing on their observations chosen by participant and boss.
  • A 360° Impact Questionnaire administered to peers, boss and direct reports chosen by the participant and supervisor.
Coaching Program Activities
  • A comprehensive and confidential feedback report prepared for the participant, which integrates the results of the assessment activities and outlines suggestions for development. (For participant only.)
  • A feedback meeting with the participant to help facilitate the formulation of goals, plans and strategies for development.
  • Six to eight follow-up coaching sessions with the participant to review progress and revise plans.
  • A follow-up survey upon completion of the coaching sessions to determine the progress made and to provide guidance for subsequent development.
Our experienced and qualified team of Coaching associates will customize a program that will be beneficial to the participant and your organization.